Halle Berry's Re-Spin Is Well Equipped to Support You During Any Workout - Here Are Our Top 10 Pieces

Halle Berry has been sharing her workout routine and health and wellness tips with her social followers since 2018, and in 2020, she officially launched Re-Spin, a platform focusing on health and wellness with insight from Berry, her long-time trainer Peter Lee Thomas, and other fitness and wellness experts.

As the self-appointed president of the Halle Berry fitness fan club, I know Berry's training routine varies depending on what projects she's working on, and from what she's shared, she does a combination of strength training, martial arts, and yoga.

If you love Berry's fitness content as much as I do (I still think about how hard this ab workout was), you'll be excited to know she's launched her own collection of fitness equipment. She's got resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga blocks, jump ropes (her jump-rope workout is so good), booty bands, ankle weights - pretty much everything you need for your DIY home gym.

She shared some of her favorite pieces from her fitness collection with POPSUGAR, and we want one of everything. Check them out ahead, and maybe even snag a jump rope or yoga ball for your next at-home workout.

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