New 'Succession' teaser gives us a glimpse of what's in store for Season 3

Technology 18-10-2021 Mashable 30

Well, the wait is finally over. Succession is back!

So, now you've watched the very first episode of Season 3, what should we expect from the episodes to come? Fear not, I shan't be including any spoilers in this article, so you can keep reading if you haven't had a chance to watch yet.

From the clip, it's clear the war wages on between Kendall and his dad Logan. "I hear you tried to kill dad again," chimes in Roman in true-to-form gloating fashion.

"You're acting out a personal grudge against dad," opines Shiv.

"We're about to lose the company at the shareholder meet 'cause you tried to assassinate our dad," Roman adds.

Oh, and just in case you thought family feuding was the only thing in store, don't worry, the horniness between Roman and Gerri is also trundling along nicely. And if that's not enough for you...

"The FBI is downstairs," announces Gerri.

"Tell them to fuck off," says Logan.

I'm sure that'll work. Enjoy!

Succession airs on HBO and HBO Max every Sunday at 9pm.

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