'SNL' hilariously explains 'Squid Game' with country music. Now it's stuck in your head, too.

Technology 17-10-2021 Mashable 37

There's nothing like a good Saturday Night Live earworm, especially when it's Pete Davidson (and his uncanny lookalike Rami Malek) doing the singing.

This absolute winner of a musical comedy sketch finds Davidson and Malek crooning a heartfelt country number about loss, desperation, and a homicidal game show popularized by Netflix. Yup, it's time for the inevitable marriage of classic country music tropes and... Squid Game?

It works. It works so well! You'll be humming this tune in your head long after the sketch is over. And probably firing up the old Netflix app to find out just how much of the over-the-top bloodletting seen here is a reflection of the actual series. (All of it. This is Squid Game.)

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