James Corden's rant about Halloween prompts all his staff to turn on him

Technology 3 weeks ago Mashable 31

James Corden does not like Halloween.

During the Late Late Show monologue on Thursday, after co-head writer Ian Karmel casually mentioned that he's looking forward to it, Corden made his feelings abundantly clear.

"I dread it," the host said through gritted teeth. "I actually dread it. And you know the thing I dread most? Is that people call it a holiday. Which it isn't. If it was, we wouldn't have to come in to work that day."

Other things Corden hates about Halloween? The pumpkin carving ("What joy are you getting from it?") and — most notably — the idea of adults dressing up in scary costumes.

Luckily for any Halloween fans out there, though, Corden's opinions don't go unchallenged. After sparring with various staff members, writer Louis Waymouth finally grabs the mic and puts him firmly in his place.

"You're nuts for Christmas, you go nuts for Santa!" Waymouth protests. "You're a big child. Santa and the elves, you love all that. Jingle-jangle. But no Halloween, it doesn't make sense. You don't make sense. You're full of sh*t."

Well, that certainly told him.

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