She's an Olympian and Pro Runner With the Brooks Beasts, and This Is Her Workout Routine

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Marta Pen Freitas

2016 Olympian and professional runner for the Brooks Beasts

One week of workouts

Albuquerque, NMFebruary 2021

The Details

"I've always felt a strong connection with running and fitness prior to being a track athlete," Marta told POPSUGAR. Running isn't just her job but a passion she shares with her father, who passed away a few years ago of a heart attack at one of Marta's track meets. "I use this pain as power and motivation to continue to make my dad proud of the daughter and athlete I've become," she said. "The idea that running isn't winning but instead the process of bettering myself has helped me fall in love with the sport." Plus, "there aren't many things" that can beat the mood boost of a good workout, Marta said. "A good workout sometimes is all I need to keep pushing and feel motivated . . . when I can give my all and succeed in a hard workout, I feel like I have superpowers."

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