Sleep In and Still Fit Your Workout in With These 20-Minute Ab Workout Videos on YouTube

Health 4 weeks ago PopSugar Fitness 20

Raise your hand if you've ever skipped a workout to sleep in. Or to drink wine. Or to go shopping, call your mom, clean the house. Trust me, I have done all of those things, too. Sometimes, the energy to work-out and then shower afterward is just too much to handle but, of course, the benefits of exercise are numerous, even if you can only fit in a few minutes a day. For the days when I'm feeling extra un-motivated, I like to turn on a 20-minute ab workout video on YouTube - they're short and sweet, but have you burning hundreds of active calories and working up your core strength in no time. It's not just about crunches - you'll be doing bicycles, planks, knee pulls, leg raises, and more moves that you will definitely feel the next day. Ahead, you'll find a selection of 20-minute ab workout videos to stream, so you can hit that snooze button and still fit in a little exercise before work.

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