'SNL' star Darrell Hammond digs into his trauma in powerful doc 'Cracked Up'

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Darrell Hammond was to the late '90s and '00s what Keenan Thompson is to now: Both are best known for their impressively long tenures on Saturday Night Live (Thompson only recently trumped Hammond as the longest running cast member), rather than breakout, leading roles. Hammond is one of SNL's greatest impressionists of all time, known for his Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Donald Trump, Sean Connery, Dick Cheney... 

TL;DR: Hammond can "do" just about anyone. In Cracked Up, a documentary on the SNL star's life and mental health, Hammond reveals the secret to how he keeps his vast array of impressions straight in his head: He organizes the tones, dialects, mannerisms, and cadences of famous voices through a sort of mental color-coding. For example, Hammond imagines Bugs Bunny's voice as "aqua"; Porky the Pig as "yellow." However, throughout all the characters Hammond played on his 14 year run on SNL, he never color-coded an impression "red." Read more...

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