The mattress of their dreams: One couple’s quest for a good night’s sleep

Technology 15-9-2019 Mashable 24

Pivotal Purchase is an ongoing series highlighting a watershed shopping moment — the thing you bought that made you feel like you were financially stable, that changed your perspective, that made you realize you were really, truly, finally an adult.

When I landed my first job out of college, my mom bought me an extremely practical housewarming gift for my first “grown-up” apartment: a high-quality, queen-size mattress. I’m sure she did so because she knew I couldn’t afford to buy one on my own, but, to me, the bed was a signal: that I’d outgrown my twin-bed years, moved beyond that dreaded collegiate extra-long, and was now an adult. Or at least a rudderless 22-year-old pretending with all her might to be one. Read more...

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