10 hidden features in macOS Mojave

Technology 29-9-2018 Mashable 123

MacOS Mojave is finally here.

Desktop Stacks, Dark Mode, and new applications (Stocks, News, and Home) are clearly the headline features of Mojave. But there's lots more under the hood if you know where to look.

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We've been digging through macOS 10.14 since the first beta dropped in June, and here are 10 features that will will make all the difference in your Mac experience.

1. Dynamic Desktop

Alongside Dark Mode, which darkens the dock, menu bar, and application windows (that support the mode) to a white-on-black layout, there's also a new option for the image in your desktop background: Dynamic Desktop. Visually, it's very cool: the lighting in the picture will change throughout the day to reflect your Mac's current time, even darkening from morning to night. There are only two different Dynamic Desktop designs with the initial release of Mojave, but now you can get more. Read more...

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