These Are the Exact Workouts I Do in a Week to Build Muscle - You Can Do Them Too!

When I'm not writing about health and wellness, I'm training clients, modeling, and finding the time to get my own workouts in. The two questions I get asked the most are how often I work out and what exactly I do in the gym. My answer: it's always changing. Sometimes I work out five to six times a week, and other times it's three days max. My preferred style of training is weightlifting, specifically Olympic weightlifting, and I also love to sprint.

Continue reading to see what an average week of working out looks like for me. Since everyone's strength levels vary, I did not include the exact weights I lift. Instead, I included weights that should work for beginners to advanced lifters. If you plan on doing these workouts, choose a weight that will challenge you, make any modifications necessary, and always warm up and cool down.

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