People turned this list of Bible verses into a meme for their favorite songs

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A Twitter user's list of Bible verses took an unexpected turn when it became a meme.

It all started when Twitter user @brianab1188 tweeted a list of Bible verses for troubling moods, from feeling lonely to needing direction. 

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Upset - John 14
Weak - Psalm 18:1-29
Lonely - Psalm 23
Sinned - Psalm 51
Worried - Matthew 8:18-31
Anxious - Philippians 4:4-9
Unhappy - Colossians 3:12-17
In danger - Psalm 91
Depressed - Psalm 27
Lack of Faith - Exodus 14
Need Courage - Joshua 1
Need Direction - Psalm 73:21-26

— Bri (@brianab1188) May 23, 2018

With over 243,000 likes and 121,000 comments, it's clear that her list of verses resonated with thousands of people.  Read more...

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