'Who killed Hannibal?' is the Eric Andre meme for messing up and blaming someone else

Technology 18-4-2018 Mashable 258

There's a meme on the rise that's perfect for shifting the blame to someone else.

If the American Chopper meme is the format for facilitating hard-hitting discussions about toxic masculinity and U.S. interventionist policies, Eric Andre's new "Who Killed Hannibal?" meme is for refusing to take accountability. 

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The meme comes from The Eric Andre Show, a surreal late night comedy parodying public access television. 

In this scene, which originally aired in November 2013, Andre transitions from a chat about climate change to asking the audience, "Speaking of climate change, when is Hannibal Buress gonna start thinking about some underwear, am I right, ladies?"  Read more...

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