Sweat Without Staying Wet in These Fab Moisture-Wicking Workout Clothes

There is nothing worse than working up an absolute sweat at the gym or in your favorite workout class only to have to deal with wet, sticky clothes afterward. Moisture-wicking and sweat-proof gear has become more common for gym rats and casual gym-hitters alike as it proves to be all sorts of comfortable. But no matter if your clothes are sweat-wicking, sweat-proof, or any variation of the fabric, don't forget to change your clothes ASAP after working out. Sweaty clothes can put you at risk for irritant rashes, acne/folliculitis, and a bacterial or yeast infection, according to medical professionals.

Check out some of the sweat-absorbing workout clothes that can make you sweat (without it showing!) from head to toe and look stylish while you do it.

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