Could a revived 'Seinfeld' even make sense in modern-day America?

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Seinfeld was, famously, a show about "nothing." But if Jerry Seinfeld were ever to bring it back — as he suggested was "possible" during a recent appearance on Ellen — would nothing still fly?

Seinfeld's cast of 30-something singles feels today like a snapshot of 1990s America. Thumbing through reruns on Hulu, it quickly becomes evident that plenty of the humor didn't age well. 

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There's the running gay joke, "not that there's anything wrong with that." The various shades of misogyny in the way Jerry, George, and Kramer conduct their dating lives. The jarring lack of diversity in the cast. Even innocuous gags, like the half-hour build-up to a punchline in "The Parking Garage" that today's cellphones would render obsolete, would never fly today. Read more...

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