Taina Isn't Afraid to Talk About Her "Fat Rolls and Skin Folds," and Here's Why

When you first look at Taina's latest Instagram post, you might think it's a before and after picture of her weight loss. But both of these pictures are of the same body, likely taken on the same day. Taina, who runs a fitness account on Instagram, posted side-by-side photos of herself. In the picture on the left, she's sitting, and she's standing in the one on the right. She did this in order to send an important body-positive message to anyone who struggles with confidence.

She wrote a few words about her "fat rolls and skin folds," saying that "sometimes the hardest thing to wear is your own skin." Taina reflects on how common it is to feel proud of your body one second and insecure about it the next. Although our bodies may look different from varying angles or positions, though, the most important thing Taina wants her followers to know is that your perspective and your motivation are what matter most.

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"Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Of course not. The goal is to be better than yesterday," Taina wrote. She encourages her followers to "push harder," no matter where they are in their fitness journey. "Stop underestimating and be proud. Body confidence [doesn't] come with trying to achieve the perfect body. It come[s] from embracing the one you've already got," she continued.

Now that's a motto we can all live by.

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