25 Active Beauty Picks For Fitness Enthusiasts

When you live an active lifestyle, you have different (more demanding) beauty requirements. You need products that are strong enough to stand up against the elements, along with your own sweat and grind. Products that are high performing and low maintenance. Products that don't take up a lot of your time or space in your gym bag.

We know what it's like to have to skip a workout or happy hour as a result of not having the right equipment, which is why we're rounding up smart cosmetic, hair, and skincare picks that were developed with the high intensity, no-BS girl in mind.

From the mascara that will work as hard as you in the boxing ring to the tinted moisturizer that will stay on and keep your skin protected during those outdoor runs (even 10Ks!), and all the one-swipe cleansers in between, read on for 25 items that will keep you looking and feeling great inside the studio and well beyond.

I Tested Long-Lasting Makeup at SoulCycle So You Won't Have To

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