Tia Mowry's "Health Selfie" Printable Helps You Get Real With Your Habits

Tia Mowry's latest book Whole New You ($20) includes this printable questionnaire that any health-conscious woman will want to fill out ASAP to discover how your habits (eating, sleeping, etc.) and ailments (whether physical or emotional) are contributing to how you feel overall. Taking a good, honest look at your current condition will help you determine what sort of changes you may want to make, whether it's giving up sugar, sleeping more, managing anxiety, or whatever new healthy habit you want to form.

Tia says in her book that after you fill out the form, it serves as a "baseline against which you will be able to track your progress over time. Without this little snapshot of yourself, the results of changing your diet will be hard to spot. Armed with this information, you are enabling yourself to stay inspired and make big shifts." "Big shifts" in Whole New You include eating a diet rich in "whole plant foods, high-quality, protein, sea vegetables, fermented foods, and safer sweets" while "steering away from . . . food that hurt" like "sugar and other highly refined carbohydrates, dairy foods, factory-farmed meats, processed and fast foods, and refined oils and refined salts."

When reading this book and filling out the form, I made the choice to give up refined sugars (and even honey, agave, etc.) and caffeine for 40 days. I realized in that time period how much other foods are contributing to how I feel. Alcohol (even one beer) and refined carbs take a toll on my energy level. When I avoid them, I only need about seven and a half hours of sleep to feel rested, but when I consume them, I need an upwards of 10 to recover! I've been going around living life like I'm tired no matter what, but this "Health Selfie" helped me determine the areas I could affect change.

In a recent interview, I asked Tia how often we should fill out this form and she replied, "Everybody's different, and everybody's on a different journey, but I would say quarterly, in my opinion. They're like little check-ins throughout the year that really keep you in tune with what's going on with you and how you're feeling. It's important. I find it this way, especially with women. We're always nurturing others and making sure that everybody else is okay, but I know for me, it was hard for me to kind of like point the finger at myself and say, 'You know what? You are responsible for yourself. You're responsible for your house, and it's okay. You need to take care of you, because now you can be the best wife. Now you can be the best mom. Now you can be the best friend.' The list goes on and on."

Feel free to screenshot the slides and write in your answers on your phone or . . .

Print out the form here: Tia Mowry's "Health Selfie"

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